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It is day four in the Big Brexit house.

I had hoped after Friday’s absolute catastrophe of a day that the country might somehow magically rally over the weekend. I mean, when you plunge your country into possible ruin on the promise of a golden future that will allow it to rise like a phoenix from the flames, you have a plan, right?

As it turns out, you don’t. The only person that seems to have any plan at all, and be acting on it rather than just spouting meaningless Churchillian rhetoric is Nicola Sturgeon, and I can’t even vote for her.

I was distraught and angry on Friday. I had hoped to feel better by today. Instead I am running on barely controlled rage and getting more enraged by the moment.

Here are a few things I am furious about:

Firstly, leave voters telling me to calm down. I’m sorry…

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Yes, the Leave vote is hostile to foreigners – and you need to come to terms with that


Here’s what the Brexit vote means to me: 52% of the people I share a nationality with think there should be fewer people like me in Britain’s future. And before you object, or make excuses, let me point out that if Britain clamps down on immigration, there will be fewer people like me.

I was born in England. In Hammersmith, to be precise. It’s where my dad was born. And his mum. And her mum before her.

I was born in England, but I am not English. I have roots in London, but that is not the same thing. My dad’s family – his great-grandparents – arrived here as Jewish refugees in the 1880s, ending up as East enders on one side and West enders on the other. My heritage spans the breadth of the city in which the family whose name I bear has lived for a century before…

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Why I’m sending Mr Cameron 34p.

The Other Mrs Beaton

Dear Mr Cameron,

I’m a little confused. If you follow my blog (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you on your tea break) you would know that this often happens, usually following the announcement of some education policy or another. Then the confusion gets coupled with a bit of research, some healthy debate and then an opinion.

I thought that was what I was meant to do this time, with the whole ‘EU in-or-out’ thing. I’ve been doing my homework as an independently minded, resourceful citizen, and reading up on the EU from a variety of sources. I’ve looked at academic research on various aspects of the EU and Britain’s relationship with and in it. I’ve read opinions from experts on economics, politics, human rights and business. I’ve had some hearty discussions well past my bed-time with my husband on the subject, and with a wider audience (even the mummies…

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Pride Before a Fall


Day 3 of Vivienne being Earth side.

8:05 am, queue me, in tears calling the midwifery team.

My daughter is 3 days old, I’m breastfeding her and she’s swallowing blood. She’s my second child and I just cannot do this anymore. I cannot do this.

Just like that. After 18.5 months of breastfeeding Sebastien, by day 3 with Vivienne I was so over breastfeeding. Hating myself. I’m failing at this. Why? WHY? There must be something wrong with Vivienne. The Dr’s must have missed a tongue tie, or a lip tie or something.
I had been so full of confidence before she was born. Boldly stating “no formula under any circumstances” on my 3 page Birth Plan

But, Already on her birth day, I could feel something wasn’t quite right with her latch. It wasn’t excruciating but it was uncomfortable. I ignored it. Chalked it up to tiredness. Carried on…

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What has breastfeeding got to do with Jamie Oliver?

through the eyes of a breastfeeding support group

So, following his recent win on the sugar tax, Jamie Oliver has turned his attention to breastfeeding – see here.
What has breastfeeding got to do with him, you might ask? It seems that’s what everyone is thinking. But why shouldn’t it have something to do with him? Is he not a fellow mammal, human and parent? And one with a keen interest in infant nutrition at that?

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Please stop now with ‘breast is best’


hate this phrase.

I’m a huge breastfeeding advocate but this drives me insane. Whether or not it has any truth is irrelevant to the argument. It incites so many bitter feelings, so much anger and rawness, that it is simply not useful to anyone any more.

Breastfeeding is important, but we don’t need to convey that any other option is ‘bad’ or ‘inferior’, even if breastfeeding offers benefits to mother and child that may not be achieved elsewhere.

Here are some more pleasant alternatives to ‘breast is best’:

  1. Breastfeeding is normal. It is the biological norm. This is a simple fact. This isn’t condescending. It isn’t an opinion statement, it is true. For most babies, the milk of their mother or from another human donor is the most nutritionally complete food they can consume.
  2. Breastfeeding can be easy. Don’t get me wrong; its hard sometimes, its really hard…

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