Valuing the Work of the Home

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By Joanna Roughton.

“We need to call work what it is — work — whether you do it at home or whether you do it out in the labour force.”

So said Melinda Gates, in an interview pegged to the annual letter published by her and husband Bill, on behalf of their eponymous Foundation.


Bankrolled by Microsoft’s millions, people take a note of the Gates’ missive. Its focus, this year, was on what Melinda described as “those root inequalities that exist all over in society and [which we] just don’t talk about very much.”

Well, this might sound like someone who’s writing-off a century of feminist consciousness-raising (women have been talking about inequalities for some time), but Melinda’s point about work being recognised wherever it happens, is refreshing and most welcome.

Here in the UK, organisations like the Home Renaissance Foundation and Mothers At Home Matter – to name but…

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Super Easy Tasty Bread

scarlet rosita

I don’t even try to make any sort of baked bread to sell commercially anymore as my kitchen is simply not set up for it. Sometimes I’m making raw foods, or chocolates and I don’t have the space.

Screen shot 2016-02-23 at 15.27.02

That doesn’t mean I don’t like bread and I want to be able to eat it but the stuff in supermarkets and sold by most bakers will do horrible things to my stomach. So when I want some bread to eat invariably I end up making it.

I know it sounds like a massive faff – but I have been doing this for over 30 years now and once you have your head set that this is how it will be done then you kinda just do it. Admittedly, a freezer bigger than an icebox would be great – but even that isn’t essential.

Straight away I will direct you to my…

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REVEALED AT LAST: The Hunt-Bottomley link

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The one-word secret of Hunt’s success:


His relationship to Virginia Bottomley…..his dealings with the British Council….his inheritance of the SW Surrey constituency….his father’s history in UK Health provision….the Health interests for whom Bottomley now works….his capture of the Health portfolio in the recent reshuffle.

♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣

Throughout his career, Jeremy Hunt’s advancement somehow always seemed to involve his path crossing that of the former Virginia Bottomley, known since 2005 as Baroness Nettlestone. Now – with the help of some initial sleuthing by regular Slogger Jackie – I can offer readers a big clue: they are cousins. Laid out below (for anyone with any feeling for the importance of meritocracy) is how still, in 2012, career progress of the type admired by David Cameron – “the leg up” – is alive and well. One where the right tie, who you know, and above all a…

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