Fear of women, attachment to schooling.

Sophie Christophy

this-day-in-world-history-9-22-11-photo-witches Edited thanks to reader feedback: this shows a ducking stool, a punishment used when women talked back to their ‘master’. Women suspected of witchcraft had their ankles and wrists tied together, and were thrown in a pond. If they sank and drowned, it showed they  were innocent, if they half-drowned or swam, they were guilty and burnt to death.  

School is necessary. Or is it?

It was the demands of the Industrial Revolution that resulted in mass state schooling. Now we all take it for granted and it shapes our understanding of childhood, teaching and learning. We’ve all been through the system, we accept the system, we believe it’s necessary. We believe that learning and education requires school.

Except that an increasing number of parents are questioning this. In the same way as people are questioning many aspects of parenting and the parent child relationship, so too are parents applying critical thinking to education…

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