Pride Before a Fall


Day 3 of Vivienne being Earth side.

8:05 am, queue me, in tears calling the midwifery team.

My daughter is 3 days old, I’m breastfeding her and she’s swallowing blood. She’s my second child and I just cannot do this anymore. I cannot do this.

Just like that. After 18.5 months of breastfeeding Sebastien, by day 3 with Vivienne I was so over breastfeeding. Hating myself. I’m failing at this. Why? WHY? There must be something wrong with Vivienne. The Dr’s must have missed a tongue tie, or a lip tie or something.
I had been so full of confidence before she was born. Boldly stating “no formula under any circumstances” on my 3 page Birth Plan

But, Already on her birth day, I could feel something wasn’t quite right with her latch. It wasn’t excruciating but it was uncomfortable. I ignored it. Chalked it up to tiredness. Carried on…

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